Self – confident or a show – off?

01 Oct

Want to be always showing enough self – esteem and self – confidence but wondering why we are not always so successful and afraid to be qualified as “a show offer”? Here you can find some easy to read and smart tips how to be in the perfect balance.
First tip – decide what do you want other people to see when communicating with you – a lady, who is a professional but always ready to learn or a balloon with gas floating in the sky.
Second tip – try to analyze briefly your behavior in different life situations, for example – when applying for a job, going out with friends, looking for a boy, etc.
Third tip – try to see what was the reason for your latest failure, for example not getting the latest job or why your friends are not inviting you anymore to this awesome club, you like so much to be in.
Fourth tip – always remember that a little bit more self-esteem is good for introduction but later on you should definitely show that there are a lot of qualities hiding behind this self-esteem. You should always show that you are not a just a balloon, filled with gas
Fifth tip – when you are in a job interview, do not use phrases like “I am perfect for the job because I know everything how is done.” Try, instead, “ I think that I can manage this but of course I am always open for new suggestion and experience”
Sixth tip – try you to invite friends and to organize a going out. Even more – instead of asking yours friends to call the rest of the gang, do it yourself. Thus showing that you want to be in contact with everybody and find the communication funny but at the same time useful.
Seventh tip – do not show off about the latest promotion except if somebody ask you about your work. Do not use “I was so good and I could understand why this didn’t happen earlier.” Say “After a lot of hard-working, finally I was estimated and promoted”
Eight tip – do not show off how much money do you have, etc. Try buying some little gifts to your friends. This way, you are showing that no matter the change of your financial state, you will always think about them. Of course the same is the situation with your boyfriend. Do not wait only for holidays to make him surprised.

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Posted by on October 1, 2011 in Fashion and Self-esteem


One response to “Self – confident or a show – off?

  1. Orlin Pavlov (@HealthIssues123)

    October 1, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    NIce 🙂 Really informative and good articles 🙂 I hope that you get some more articles on this topic! 🙂


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