Another diet – no thank you

02 Oct

“Let’s go to the amazing pizza store and have some really nice pizza with pepperoni and cheese? I am sorry, but I am on a diet now and I can eat only salad”. This sounds familiar to you? If so, please go on reading and find some pretty useful tip show to be thin and elegant but at the same time not missing having pretty delicious nights with the girls.
First tip. Do not be ashamed to measure your  weight and see what the real situation is.
Second tip. Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI= weight (k.g)/height 2 . For example if you are 55 kg and your height is 1.70m your BMI is 55/1.7 2 = 19,03 The normal BMI is between 18-24 for girls. Above 24 is a signal that your body is at a potential risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
Third tip. Your BMI is normal but you feel overweight. In this case just increase your physical activity, reduce the income of fat and sweets (but if you feel incapable of stopping them, just have a small bar of chocolate once per day, but not before going to bed) Remember – do not start to starve and eat only vegetables. Your body needs proteins, fats and sweets but in proper quantities. There are special “food pyramided” about what to eat and in what amount. Try to find one of these in your GP’s office. And be aware that if you lose weight to fast (the normal range is 0.5 kg per week) you will inevitably gain it back when you return to your normal diet.

Fourth tip. Do not always think about the diet. It is well-known that when a person is trying to restrain the food, he/she thinks twice about it. So think about the jogging you are about to do later on. And guess – even when you are thinking about you are losing calories because your body is trying to adjust to the coming physical activity.

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Posted by on October 2, 2011 in Health, diets and sport


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