How to stay in perfect shape during the winter

04 Oct

When the temperatures start going down, we finally feels that the amazing summer is gone, there is no more sea and sun and like the temperatures themselves, our organism start slowing down as well. It is normal autumn and winter our metabolic speed to be lower than in spring and summer. Therefore, the energy needs of the body changes. Unfortunately you cannot eat so much ice-creams like in the summer or drink beer and chips just like that. At least you cannot do that if you do not want your perfect summer body to be only in the photos. So here are some useful tips how to switch your diet to winter time.
• In order to keep your immune system , eat fruits and vegetables. They are rich in antioxidants which are needed for immune response of your body when by chance some bacteria is trapped in it.
• Instead of meats, rich in fatty acids (fried once, I am sorry but the chicken wings are the symbol of the summer), try eating fish and fish food. Shrimps are very rich in Se, Zn and P which except for your immune system are helpful for your bones.
Eat nuts, but avoid almonds (this do not means completely to forget about them). Eat maximum 100 gr per day.
• Consume milks, but low-fat. Eat yoghurts but not flavored ones.
• You can always try some sweet think in order to feel better, because sweets increase Serotonine and Dopamine levels in your body and thus make you happier. Just do not eat a whole chocolate!!

Do not forget to move. You can always try jogging in the snow. It is good because the cold air is fresher and cleaner and you can always find some cute boy with his dogs. And what better end of the day than going out for a cup of tea. (of course with lemon and no sugar).:)

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