I am tired of being the best friend…

06 Oct

Come on, let us be honest. We are used to listening to our friends a lot more often than we are used to share our own experience with them. And let it say loudly – our friends (in most cases) contact us when they had a  fight with their boyfriends and normally except for there is nobody else to listen. So what are we? The Emergency call? 112? No thank you, I don’t want to be like that anymore.

  • I have my own problems (as Allie said “The biggest problems in the world are mines, because they ARE MINES!!) I don’t want after another exhaustive day in the clinic (I have told you that I am a Medical student), where I found people with real problems trust me, I know what I am saying, to listen about some stupid argue about the toothpaste or the toilet.
  • But as always I am too polite and I just stand and listen, listen, listen – 2-3 hours-as long it takes, because after all this is my friend. And the result – after that I am so wasted that I argue myself with my boyfriend (because the small amount of energy was taken by my friend) and here I am, this time on the side, complaining. But however weird it sounds, I am not. I close in my room and I cry. I don’t want to be energy vampire as my friend.      
  •  But why it is so hard for them to do the same? I am sure a lot pf people have asked this question to themselves as well.
  • Here is my interpretation – they are just different kind of people – emotional (like me) and not so. The second group is OK to listen because in most of the time, it is not paying attention to the essence of the conversation, thus   not wasting energy. So that is why for them it is not a problem to complain because they think that the rest are like them. Here is the difference, though. The rest is not. They are emotional and vulnerable. And they may be hurt even by someone’s story. So what is the key of salvation? I want to give some clever advice, but I can’t. I have tried several time to analyze all and so on (as a future Doctor I am very good at that) but the key hasn’t jump yet in my mind. So, I am waiting for it……Give it to me…..
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Posted by on October 6, 2011 in My ordinary life


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