Find your shoe style

11 Oct

Autumn is the perfect time to show our identity and style. Do not mix with crowd and show your own point of view in every aspect of daily life – even shoes!!

  • Lace shoes – they sounds a bit weird. However they are the absolute hit this year (just like the last one, by the way). So if you missed them last year, do not repeat these mistakes this season. Of course, these are shoes that are not supposed to be hidden. Therefore, please combine them with a skirt or trousers up to the ankle.

  • Textile shoes. Yes, you can always wear them if you want to be different. However it is not a good idea to be with them when outside is raining cats and dogs. Very modern are the variants with a platform or a thick and low heel.
  • Shoes with brocade. Here is one smart tip. If you do not want give much money, use ordinary, preferably textile shoes and sprinkle brocade on them. It is a lot cheaper but what you have to do often is to re-spray them.


  • There are lots of models with some extravagant boot laces. Designers showed covered boots or boots with open space for the fingers, high leather boots but all with boot laces.
  • Shoes with buckles – you must definitely not miss them. Even though most of you think that they are not so elegant, you can always try them with high-heels with different ornamentation.

  • Shoes with fur – a little bit more pretentious but definitely different. The majority are with high-heels. Some of them made entirely of fur, others are just decorated.

  • High-heels and very thin ones are dominating this year. Of course there are lots of model with thick and more comfortable heel. The shape of the heel is rectangular, quadratic or oval.
  • You will find a lot of platforms in the shops. The majority is patent leather and with a lot of boot laces  and buckles – very good choice if you want to gather all looks in your shoes.
  • Sneakers with platforms are popular as well. Bright colors are preferable, such as pink and green.
  • Shoes with socks!! Yes they are absolutely adorable this season.  The stronger the contrast is, the better!!


  • So do not wait anymore, test them all!! 

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Posted by on October 11, 2011 in Fashion and Self-esteem


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