Pectin? Useful?

21 Jan

Pectin presents the huge group of soluble plant fibers. IT can bind the water inside yours bowels as well as the bile acids. What is more it is completely fermented by the intestinal microorganisms (don not worry every person has them). If you are  still wondering which of these makes it extremely useful for your organism, do not stop but continue reading:

  • Due to his bond with the bile acids it reduces the Cholesterol levels in blood 10-15%. Why? Because normally bile acids are needed to absorb lipids. Less bile acid, less lipids in your body, less Cholesterol, lower cardiovascular and obesity risk. What is more it lowers the levels of “bad” Cholesterol (LDL, VLDL) but not the good one.
  • It reduces the increase of blood sugar after meal because it makes the stomach movements slower. All these makes you feel fed and thus your appetite is reduced.
  • It increases the function of intestinal microorganism and in this way the food is better digested. Thus the swelling of the stomach and bowels exists no more, you feel better and most important – healthier.
  • Pectin helps eliminating of heavy metals, thus it prevents from poisoning and gastrointestinal cancer

All these m Pectin extremely useful in preventing atherosclerosis, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders (who hasn’t them today by the way, with all this stress and constant hurry) Foods, rich in Pectins are: fruits apples, citrus fruits, pumpkin. You can always combine them with cereals, beans, rice which additionally helps digestion and elimination of potential harmful substances for your body. But what is more important, you are not scared anymore to dress up in tight clothes because your stomach is swallowed. You are amazing again!!

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Posted by on January 21, 2012 in Health, diets and sport


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