Getting to know me better


  Hello, smart girls! My name is Krassy and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I made this blog for all of you (men please feel free to use it as well), who just like me are interested in different and various themes, but at the same time do not have plenty of time to read anд search info in Internet.

I am fifth year Medical Student in Medical University – Sofia. Therefore, one of  mine main goals is  to educate and stress on how to take care of our body and health. Feel free to ask any questions about it and I will do my best to answer them.

OK, I am a future doctor but at the same time I am a girl. So that’s why I will write about all girly stuff  from how to dress up for a date, which restaurants to go.. If you wear dotted blouse, what kind of shoes to choose? How often to sport? (dance, jogging). In other words – daily situations that are common for everybody (not some faked hypothetical situations).

Moreover, like any of you, I have my difficulties too in everyday life so that’s way there is absolutely nothing that I cannot understand and to sympathize with. Hard situations , working/studying till the middle of the night, lack of time and being alone are not strange for me so I will be glad to share what I have learnt so far with you. (and vice verse).

Last, but not least my passion is traveling so please feel free to discuss any famous and not so famous destinations and why not  – sharing with us your last experience.


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