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Be the master of experiments

This year trends are showing only one thing to us – this season, there are no rules and no restrictions. This autumn is the time of experiments. Season autumn-winter 2011 you can wear whatever you want without worrying that you are not fashion. Finally the time, waited with so much anticipation has come. This year you are the designer!!

  • You can wear high-heels, or shoes with comfortable platforms, practical leather boots or practical sandals with snake print or velvet boots or glamorous patent leather boots. Or you can try them all!!
  • Lace is still modern. You can try magnificent satin shoes for some special evening occasions.
  • It is not compulsory the color of your shoes to be like the weather outside – cold. You can always use pink, yellow and some other summer colors, without being worried that the colleagues are going to consider you crazy. You are the designer this time.
  • If you decide to choose bright shoes, please combine them with some plain trousers/skirt. The blouse/pullover can be bright as well. It is important to remember the rule of the 2s. Two extravagant things match two plain ones.
  • The height of the heels is not defined. Same is valid for the front part of the shoes. In the post popular designers collections there are shoes/boots with high-heels (thin or thick) or platform. There are also with oval or sharp front part
  • This autumn designers showed a lot of shoes with reptile prints. They are shoes, boots up to the ankle or up to the knee, even sandals with snake prints.
  • Patent leather is back this season. The colors are various – from the classic black, brown and blue to more extravagant red, purple even green. In some collection there is even a combination of two contrast colors.
  • Patent leather shoes are not the most comfortable think but they are so beautiful, that they worth it. However if you prefer the comfort – choose velvet boots/shoes even sandals. Velvet has a luxurious sparkle and it fits magnificently on feet. The only thing is that they are hard to clean but there is a lot of special chemicals in shoe stores.
  • Is you are going for a date – you must definitely choose the satin shoes, with metallic heels. You can add some and skirt up to the knee for perfect style and elegance.

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Find your shoe style

Autumn is the perfect time to show our identity and style. Do not mix with crowd and show your own point of view in every aspect of daily life – even shoes!!

  • Lace shoes – they sounds a bit weird. However they are the absolute hit this year (just like the last one, by the way). So if you missed them last year, do not repeat these mistakes this season. Of course, these are shoes that are not supposed to be hidden. Therefore, please combine them with a skirt or trousers up to the ankle.

  • Textile shoes. Yes, you can always wear them if you want to be different. However it is not a good idea to be with them when outside is raining cats and dogs. Very modern are the variants with a platform or a thick and low heel.
  • Shoes with brocade. Here is one smart tip. If you do not want give much money, use ordinary, preferably textile shoes and sprinkle brocade on them. It is a lot cheaper but what you have to do often is to re-spray them.


  • There are lots of models with some extravagant boot laces. Designers showed covered boots or boots with open space for the fingers, high leather boots but all with boot laces.
  • Shoes with buckles – you must definitely not miss them. Even though most of you think that they are not so elegant, you can always try them with high-heels with different ornamentation.

  • Shoes with fur – a little bit more pretentious but definitely different. The majority are with high-heels. Some of them made entirely of fur, others are just decorated.

  • High-heels and very thin ones are dominating this year. Of course there are lots of model with thick and more comfortable heel. The shape of the heel is rectangular, quadratic or oval.
  • You will find a lot of platforms in the shops. The majority is patent leather and with a lot of boot laces  and buckles – very good choice if you want to gather all looks in your shoes.
  • Sneakers with platforms are popular as well. Bright colors are preferable, such as pink and green.
  • Shoes with socks!! Yes they are absolutely adorable this season.  The stronger the contrast is, the better!!


  • So do not wait anymore, test them all!! 

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Fashion Autumn tips

Let us be fashion this autumn/winter season as well. Therefore, here are some smart girly tips what you must definitely add to your wardrobe and what kind of accessorize you have to wear in order to be a mirror of autumn/winter fashion style.

  • First tip. This season, all metallic colors, especially Gold are extremely popular. Trousers, blouses, skirts or if you think that it is too much for you – even belts – are compulsory addition to your style, no matter if you are going partying or just want to demonstrate in the office how stylish you are.
  • Second tip. It is not compulsory all your clothes to be in Gold. You can successfully combine with black, silver, white, brown and green. If you want to be the star in the club, Gold in some rockstyle is preferable.
  • Third tip. Shoes are in Gold too, or in some animal prints. Bags, jewellery, jackets and pullovers will be mostly in Gold this season.
  • Fourth tip. Another popular trend this season is the plain blouses with alternative, not conventional and colorful prints. It is good to combine one of these with plain trousers, if you do not want to be like a parrot.
  • Fifth tip. Of course, we have to think about the hats. In contrast with last year, try this time big hats (not the compact ones). You can add a scarf in the same color or brooches on your coat. If the hat is plain – use impressive accessories.
  • Sixth tip. The bags this year are with slight retro spirit. They bring the smell of the 60’s. They are bigger (and more comfortable), with gold or some animals prints. You can use them with long or short handle. It depends entirely what message you want to emanate – elegant one ( short handle) or more urban and casual style (long style)
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Self – confident or a show – off?

Want to be always showing enough self – esteem and self – confidence but wondering why we are not always so successful and afraid to be qualified as “a show offer”? Here you can find some easy to read and smart tips how to be in the perfect balance.
First tip – decide what do you want other people to see when communicating with you – a lady, who is a professional but always ready to learn or a balloon with gas floating in the sky.
Second tip – try to analyze briefly your behavior in different life situations, for example – when applying for a job, going out with friends, looking for a boy, etc.
Third tip – try to see what was the reason for your latest failure, for example not getting the latest job or why your friends are not inviting you anymore to this awesome club, you like so much to be in.
Fourth tip – always remember that a little bit more self-esteem is good for introduction but later on you should definitely show that there are a lot of qualities hiding behind this self-esteem. You should always show that you are not a just a balloon, filled with gas
Fifth tip – when you are in a job interview, do not use phrases like “I am perfect for the job because I know everything how is done.” Try, instead, “ I think that I can manage this but of course I am always open for new suggestion and experience”
Sixth tip – try you to invite friends and to organize a going out. Even more – instead of asking yours friends to call the rest of the gang, do it yourself. Thus showing that you want to be in contact with everybody and find the communication funny but at the same time useful.
Seventh tip – do not show off about the latest promotion except if somebody ask you about your work. Do not use “I was so good and I could understand why this didn’t happen earlier.” Say “After a lot of hard-working, finally I was estimated and promoted”
Eight tip – do not show off how much money do you have, etc. Try buying some little gifts to your friends. This way, you are showing that no matter the change of your financial state, you will always think about them. Of course the same is the situation with your boyfriend. Do not wait only for holidays to make him surprised.

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Quick tips to be gorgeous

It is every girl’s ambition to be good – looking, charming and attractive. But we are working girls in the city and we don’t have time to look like some Hollywood star on the red carpet. However in the same time we are extremely pleased when walking down the street our new red dress for Karren Millen or Prada gathers all men’s eye. You are about to find some smart time – saving tips about how to look gorgeous but at the same time stylish enough.
First tip. Always use something that makes you feel comfortable. When you are feeling OK with your skin this makes you radiate self-esteem.
Second tip. Always try to be good-looking. Do not find excuses, for instance-today the sweet colleague will not be at work so I do not have to be outstanding. You are looking good for yourself not for somebody else!
Third tip. It is not necessary to be expensive in order be good-looking. It is not compulsory to have your Prada dress in order to feel better than the others. Ordinary trademarks are OK, too. Remember – the most important thing is to look stylish, but not too exuberant.
Fourth tip. Always keep your body in shape. It is useful not only for your self-esteem but it also prevents it from metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc.
Fifth tip. Always be in a balance state. This means, eat enough, not too much, practice sport enough, not excessively and the most important stuff – be in concordance with yourself.
Sixth tip. Even when you are not in a mood , spend just five minutes in front of the mirror and say to yourself: “Today, as always I am looking perfect, but most importantly I FEEL PERFECT!!”


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