No chocolate, no happiness

“Why do I feel so sad and unsatisfied when I am on a diet”. If you at least one time have asked yourself this question you can continue reading and find some pretty interesting answers.

  • First tip. It is well-known that when a person restrains himself in a certain way, he feels unhappy because he is not doing all he wants – thus feeling useless.
  • Second tip. Regarding the food especially, scientist claim that sweets, especially chocolate active the release of Serotonin and Endorphins in your brain. These are  substances,  mediators, which are responsible for your moods
  • Third tip. Usually when you are on a diet, you put very strong restrictions, concerning foods. Thus normally you do not feed properly and do not have a lot of strength in your body. All these complicated relations make you prefer lying on the sofa instead of jogging in the park. Here you will ask ok and what is wrong with lying, not jogging. It is well-known that all kind of physical activities increase the release of Serotonin as well. So when you are jogging you are both happy after this, you are not hungry, because other substances, called catecholamines signalize your body and makes you feel not hungry
  •  Fourth tip. Normally when you are on a diet, you do not feel good enough to go out with your girls for a grab of pizza or ice-cream because you are afraid that all you eat is gaining back on your body. In this way you slowly isolate yourself, starting not getting out, not meeting  people and chatting, thus – not happy.
  • Fifth tip. Normally, loosing weight is a slow process. So usually you fall in some kind of depression because you are not losing weight as fast as you want, and at the same time, you are starving. So in order to avoid this, just do not put to yourself so many restrictions. Everything is good when it is not excessive, but moderate. Eat chocolate – BE HAPPY!!

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I am tired of being the best friend…

Come on, let us be honest. We are used to listening to our friends a lot more often than we are used to share our own experience with them. And let it say loudly – our friends (in most cases) contact us when they had a  fight with their boyfriends and normally except for there is nobody else to listen. So what are we? The Emergency call? 112? No thank you, I don’t want to be like that anymore.

  • I have my own problems (as Allie said “The biggest problems in the world are mines, because they ARE MINES!!) I don’t want after another exhaustive day in the clinic (I have told you that I am a Medical student), where I found people with real problems trust me, I know what I am saying, to listen about some stupid argue about the toothpaste or the toilet.
  • But as always I am too polite and I just stand and listen, listen, listen – 2-3 hours-as long it takes, because after all this is my friend. And the result – after that I am so wasted that I argue myself with my boyfriend (because the small amount of energy was taken by my friend) and here I am, this time on the side, complaining. But however weird it sounds, I am not. I close in my room and I cry. I don’t want to be energy vampire as my friend.      
  •  But why it is so hard for them to do the same? I am sure a lot pf people have asked this question to themselves as well.
  • Here is my interpretation – they are just different kind of people – emotional (like me) and not so. The second group is OK to listen because in most of the time, it is not paying attention to the essence of the conversation, thus   not wasting energy. So that is why for them it is not a problem to complain because they think that the rest are like them. Here is the difference, though. The rest is not. They are emotional and vulnerable. And they may be hurt even by someone’s story. So what is the key of salvation? I want to give some clever advice, but I can’t. I have tried several time to analyze all and so on (as a future Doctor I am very good at that) but the key hasn’t jump yet in my mind. So, I am waiting for it……Give it to me…..
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I bruise easily

This lyric sounds familiar? Feeling like the song is written for you? Listening it every time when once again you are hurt – no matter if by your boyfriend, parents, closed friend or just a stranger in the subway? Yes, this is me and thousands others. So when I am writing this, at least I am sure that I am not alone and somewhere there, somebody will read this and will think the same as me.

  • Being so many times hurt, that sometime I don’t know if there is some intact part of me. But then the dawn is coming, I am greeting the Sun and miraculously I have little bit energy to endure the day. However, at noon, I am already pissed off by everyday stuff, again you soul is crying and waiting for the new day to come. I am so hurt by the lack of emotions. There is nothing except for the grey everyday, with the usual stuffs, even the problems are similar.
  • In my “free time” I change studying Medical subjects with studying German. After so much studying what is the result – horrible. I am not satisfied with me medical education, I am desperate with my German ( I need it in order to increase my chances of further professional realization), so I am a disaster!! My self-esteem is ZERO!! And what is more, I am terrified that I will not have any future. I am studying so hart in order to be a Doctor after all. So everything to go in vain – honestly this thought makes me freak out.
  • Moreover, I do not have time to make something for my soul, like going out with friends or spending a night with my  boyfriend. I have only time to eat a bar of chocolate, and this is all the happy      moments in my day. Saying it loudly makes me feel so much more pathetic. But what I am most terrified about is the discoloration of my soul.  Before it used to be yellow and green. Now is grey. But I do not have crayons to make it colored  again. And with every day left, it is grayer. I am afraid that at the end it will be transparent. And there is nothing worse than a man without a soul… But how can I stop this horrible process? I hate being a pessimist and complaining. That’s why I do not talk about my problems with other people, and this makes me feels like a stranger among my closed ones. Someone will advise me – do what you want, quit all activities that make you miserable. I can’t!! I am too stubborn and I just cannot quit something that I have already begun.  So then I suppose that the only thing is the hope – the hope that the Dawn is coming…
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How to stay in perfect shape during the winter

When the temperatures start going down, we finally feels that the amazing summer is gone, there is no more sea and sun and like the temperatures themselves, our organism start slowing down as well. It is normal autumn and winter our metabolic speed to be lower than in spring and summer. Therefore, the energy needs of the body changes. Unfortunately you cannot eat so much ice-creams like in the summer or drink beer and chips just like that. At least you cannot do that if you do not want your perfect summer body to be only in the photos. So here are some useful tips how to switch your diet to winter time.
• In order to keep your immune system , eat fruits and vegetables. They are rich in antioxidants which are needed for immune response of your body when by chance some bacteria is trapped in it.
• Instead of meats, rich in fatty acids (fried once, I am sorry but the chicken wings are the symbol of the summer), try eating fish and fish food. Shrimps are very rich in Se, Zn and P which except for your immune system are helpful for your bones.
Eat nuts, but avoid almonds (this do not means completely to forget about them). Eat maximum 100 gr per day.
• Consume milks, but low-fat. Eat yoghurts but not flavored ones.
• You can always try some sweet think in order to feel better, because sweets increase Serotonine and Dopamine levels in your body and thus make you happier. Just do not eat a whole chocolate!!

Do not forget to move. You can always try jogging in the snow. It is good because the cold air is fresher and cleaner and you can always find some cute boy with his dogs. And what better end of the day than going out for a cup of tea. (of course with lemon and no sugar).:)

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Gym, jogging and food

You have already read how extremely useful and good for your body is to make sport. You are not the type person who will spend his free time in the gym but at some moment is hard to keep your kilograms stable and here you are – with the sack, going to the gym. So far – ok. But what next? What can you eat after sport practice in order to keep your body strong?

  • It is very important to eat enough proteins because when you are in the cardio wheel the proteins in your body are degraded but not rebuilt. So the specialist recommend to eat 1.2 g/kg protein per day. It is better to take this proteins with your normal food, but not with the protein concentration pills, because the organism resorbs the substances that comes per vias naturales (this means physiologically) .

  • It is recommended to eat eggs, milk (low-fat) and fish. It is good to take small amounts of potatoes and bananas because they contain potassium which is very needed in your muscles cells. It is important to take biologically valuable proteins. This means that they contain the optimal level and quantities of amino acids.

Normally the energy that you use during a practice comes from yours Carbohydrates. It is estimated that the body loses 40% of its daily energy need in the gym. The specialists recommended 9-10 g/kg daily of you train seriously. If not 5-6 g/kg are enough. Now is the question what kind of Carbohydrates to eat. It is better – simple Carbs – sugar, honey. If you are starving for a waffle you can take her in the first 20 minutes after the training because then your catabolism is still highly increased and you will degrade it entirely.

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Another diet – no thank you

“Let’s go to the amazing pizza store and have some really nice pizza with pepperoni and cheese? I am sorry, but I am on a diet now and I can eat only salad”. This sounds familiar to you? If so, please go on reading and find some pretty useful tip show to be thin and elegant but at the same time not missing having pretty delicious nights with the girls.
First tip. Do not be ashamed to measure your  weight and see what the real situation is.
Second tip. Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI= weight (k.g)/height 2 . For example if you are 55 kg and your height is 1.70m your BMI is 55/1.7 2 = 19,03 The normal BMI is between 18-24 for girls. Above 24 is a signal that your body is at a potential risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
Third tip. Your BMI is normal but you feel overweight. In this case just increase your physical activity, reduce the income of fat and sweets (but if you feel incapable of stopping them, just have a small bar of chocolate once per day, but not before going to bed) Remember – do not start to starve and eat only vegetables. Your body needs proteins, fats and sweets but in proper quantities. There are special “food pyramided” about what to eat and in what amount. Try to find one of these in your GP’s office. And be aware that if you lose weight to fast (the normal range is 0.5 kg per week) you will inevitably gain it back when you return to your normal diet.

Fourth tip. Do not always think about the diet. It is well-known that when a person is trying to restrain the food, he/she thinks twice about it. So think about the jogging you are about to do later on. And guess – even when you are thinking about you are losing calories because your body is trying to adjust to the coming physical activity.

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Self – confident or a show – off?

Want to be always showing enough self – esteem and self – confidence but wondering why we are not always so successful and afraid to be qualified as “a show offer”? Here you can find some easy to read and smart tips how to be in the perfect balance.
First tip – decide what do you want other people to see when communicating with you – a lady, who is a professional but always ready to learn or a balloon with gas floating in the sky.
Second tip – try to analyze briefly your behavior in different life situations, for example – when applying for a job, going out with friends, looking for a boy, etc.
Third tip – try to see what was the reason for your latest failure, for example not getting the latest job or why your friends are not inviting you anymore to this awesome club, you like so much to be in.
Fourth tip – always remember that a little bit more self-esteem is good for introduction but later on you should definitely show that there are a lot of qualities hiding behind this self-esteem. You should always show that you are not a just a balloon, filled with gas
Fifth tip – when you are in a job interview, do not use phrases like “I am perfect for the job because I know everything how is done.” Try, instead, “ I think that I can manage this but of course I am always open for new suggestion and experience”
Sixth tip – try you to invite friends and to organize a going out. Even more – instead of asking yours friends to call the rest of the gang, do it yourself. Thus showing that you want to be in contact with everybody and find the communication funny but at the same time useful.
Seventh tip – do not show off about the latest promotion except if somebody ask you about your work. Do not use “I was so good and I could understand why this didn’t happen earlier.” Say “After a lot of hard-working, finally I was estimated and promoted”
Eight tip – do not show off how much money do you have, etc. Try buying some little gifts to your friends. This way, you are showing that no matter the change of your financial state, you will always think about them. Of course the same is the situation with your boyfriend. Do not wait only for holidays to make him surprised.

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Quick tips to be gorgeous

It is every girl’s ambition to be good – looking, charming and attractive. But we are working girls in the city and we don’t have time to look like some Hollywood star on the red carpet. However in the same time we are extremely pleased when walking down the street our new red dress for Karren Millen or Prada gathers all men’s eye. You are about to find some smart time – saving tips about how to look gorgeous but at the same time stylish enough.
First tip. Always use something that makes you feel comfortable. When you are feeling OK with your skin this makes you radiate self-esteem.
Second tip. Always try to be good-looking. Do not find excuses, for instance-today the sweet colleague will not be at work so I do not have to be outstanding. You are looking good for yourself not for somebody else!
Third tip. It is not necessary to be expensive in order be good-looking. It is not compulsory to have your Prada dress in order to feel better than the others. Ordinary trademarks are OK, too. Remember – the most important thing is to look stylish, but not too exuberant.
Fourth tip. Always keep your body in shape. It is useful not only for your self-esteem but it also prevents it from metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc.
Fifth tip. Always be in a balance state. This means, eat enough, not too much, practice sport enough, not excessively and the most important stuff – be in concordance with yourself.
Sixth tip. Even when you are not in a mood , spend just five minutes in front of the mirror and say to yourself: “Today, as always I am looking perfect, but most importantly I FEEL PERFECT!!”


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