Gym, jogging and food

03 Oct

You have already read how extremely useful and good for your body is to make sport. You are not the type person who will spend his free time in the gym but at some moment is hard to keep your kilograms stable and here you are – with the sack, going to the gym. So far – ok. But what next? What can you eat after sport practice in order to keep your body strong?

  • It is very important to eat enough proteins because when you are in the cardio wheel the proteins in your body are degraded but not rebuilt. So the specialist recommend to eat 1.2 g/kg protein per day. It is better to take this proteins with your normal food, but not with the protein concentration pills, because the organism resorbs the substances that comes per vias naturales (this means physiologically) .

  • It is recommended to eat eggs, milk (low-fat) and fish. It is good to take small amounts of potatoes and bananas because they contain potassium which is very needed in your muscles cells. It is important to take biologically valuable proteins. This means that they contain the optimal level and quantities of amino acids.

Normally the energy that you use during a practice comes from yours Carbohydrates. It is estimated that the body loses 40% of its daily energy need in the gym. The specialists recommended 9-10 g/kg daily of you train seriously. If not 5-6 g/kg are enough. Now is the question what kind of Carbohydrates to eat. It is better – simple Carbs – sugar, honey. If you are starving for a waffle you can take her in the first 20 minutes after the training because then your catabolism is still highly increased and you will degrade it entirely.

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